Apart from the symbol, BCC lives up to its core values integrating the teachings and principles of cooperativism. BCC commits to the value of



BCC leaders and employees remain proactive and demonstrate cooperation in light of partnership with other people and groups. They recognize and appreciate the opinion of others and resolve conflicts constructively and effectively with integration of humility. They commit to provide timely, accurate, efficient and high quality standard services to stakeholders.


BCC highly focuses itself towards the achievement of the objectives, goals and targets with integration of being systematic and strategic. It will continue to deliver reliable, high quality results, act with a sense of urgency and take ownership of decisions and actions. BCC will strive and work toward its sustainability, economic, social and environmental equity.


BCC demonstrates the quality of having an intuitive sense of honesty by taking sincere responsibility, acting ethically and encouraging open and honest debate in both professional and interpersonal matters. It recognizes the importance in maintaining trust and confidence between the cooperative and stakeholders by communicating and delivering complete, accurate, timely and relevant information, records and other reports. BCC commits itself to adhere with the code of values and ethics and strong compliance to the by-laws, rules, policies and other governing internal and external regulations. BCC remain to have clear conscience and character enabling it to form stable and trusting relationships with the stakeholders and the community. It will continue to live up to the teachings of Cooperative principles and values, ensure loyalty to its objectives, and promote respect and dignity at all times.


BCC leaders and employees commit themselves to build a stronger and more capable Cooperative for its stakeholders by being intelligent, strategic and disciplined individuals. They will continue to discover, develop and introduce new programs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services, operations, systems and procedures. The leaders and staff views challenges as opportunities for learning and success, and are ready and open to develop themselves further to adapt new trends or knowledge. They recognize collaborative process of experiences and knowledge that shapes innovation opportunities and success.


BCC commits to build long-term and meaningful relationships with stakeholders focus on the development and empowerment of their performance as a person and as entrepreneurs, creating win-win solutions for the benefits of the general memberships and the common good. It recognizes and understands stakeholders’ needs and expectations as they create and develop services and programs. BCC value human diversity and uniqueness and fosters an interesting, friendly and non-threatening environment.


BCC commits to increase productivity and reduced its costs through development and implementation of more sustainable business practices integrating principles and habits of environmental protection programs such as the value of recycling, reducing electricity consumption, reducing water consumption & waste, switching from disposable to reusable products, and other forms of use and conservation of its resources. We aim to work with businesses whose activities do not harm the environment or endanger the health, safety and well-being of their staff and community. Above all, we strive to acquire members who make positive contributions toward the environment.


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    NCR, Philippines 1803


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    Sunday: 8am to 12nn (All Departments)
    Sunday: 1:00pm to 5:00pm (Teller Only)

    Monday-Saturday: 8:00pm to 5:00pm
    Sunday: Closed


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